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    Infinity size memo pad

  • What's Map Note?

    Using map notes, you can spread your ideas anywhere on an infinitely spread canvas.


    I think the brain's work when considering ideas is a random and radial working image rather than linear. Traditional notes that need to be written sequentially from left to right are not very suitable for this process. If you use this infinite size notebook application, you can freely expand ideas from the center of the page, so you can make ideas more natural. Ideal for creating rough mind maps, brainstorming and idea sketches.

  • Use Case

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    Mind Map

    Ideal for creating a mind map on an infinite canvas.

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    Idea sketch

    Brainstorm freely with infinite canvas.

  • Features

    - Infinity size note

    - Support Apple Pencil

    - iCloud sync

    - Folder

    - Insert Image

    - Background options

    - Pen tool

    - Eraser tool

    - Select tool

    - Export as Image or PDF

    - Edit and create colors

    - Copy selected lines and create new note

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